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Admission To Kidzania

Allow your children to enter the world of work in a fully safe and fun way at Kidzania an exciting new concept sweeping the globe. Inside a special city created just for kids, let them try over 80 jobs and earn currency for their work as they sample the adult world in a truly interactive way.

Kidzania is best described as an "edu-tainment" center. Your children can enter and discover the world of adults by behaving as adults themselves. Inside the 80,000-square-foot (7,430 sq m) space is a model city scaled down to two-thirds of its size to be perfectly tailored to children.

As they roam the streets, children discover the hospital, fire station, salons, a theater, a radio station, and much more. Upon entering, they can role play at the life of the people who work there and earn currency for doing so. Afterward, it’s off to the bank to deposit their earnings and see how their money can grow.

Each engaging activity is for kids only. The adults can wander the streets with them, but inside it’s exclusively for little ones as they safely discover the world of grownups for themselves. See how Kidzania expertly bridges the gap between fun and education as your children interact with the realistic exhibits in this innovative space.