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Get up close to see the astute abilities of bottlenose dolphins and the playful nature of fur seals at a live show in Creek Park. The clever animals boast a huge range of abilities—see them show off their acrobatic, dancing, and singing skills during this fun performance.

Creek Park is home to 6 bottlenose dolphins and 6 fur seals—get to know these fascinating creatures in an interactive extravaganza. Dolphins are considered some of the most cognitive and intelligent animals on the planet, and this is your chance to witness their amazing capabilities firsthand. Marvel as the trainers lead them through their routine of nimble acrobatics, leaping through hoops, and even decidedly human activities like painting.

The lively fur seals get their moment in the spotlight, too. Hear them sing and watch them play and do ball tricks as they show off their talents. This is a show all ages will adore—the flipping dolphins send sprays of water splashing out over the audience, and you can try to catch beach balls as they are knocked into the crowd during Dubai’s only dolphin and seal performance.