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To initiate your Dubai visa process we need to receive the clear scanned copies of your following documents:

A valid visa is mandatory for a person visiting the UAE apart from a few GCC nationals and people touring from those 33 countries who are eligible for a visa on arrival. We would like to notify you that the UAE visa is in the form of electronic visa. There are different types of visas, which will be determined by the visitor’s purpose of entry. Though the prerequisites and documentation procedures vary from one visa service to another, there are certain conditions that are common to all Dubai visas. For instance, a person with a valid passport who is applying for a Dubai visa online should make sure that he has not been barred from entering the UAE or deported from the country.

At Parveen our dedicated team of visa consultants having tremendous experience in dealing with all types of Visa services in UAE is here to help you. If you are planning to visit Dubai we can help you with various types of visas - 14-day, 30-day, 90-day or 96-hour visa. We shall assist you through the entire visa process. Whether you want to pay a short visit to Dubai, for an official purpose or for a tour, or even if you are a resident of UAE wanting to apply for visas on behalf of friends and family we can help you out with our quick visa service. Besides guiding you through the visa procedures from start to end, we also provide visa extension services if you need to extend your stay in the UAE.

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